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Welcome to our in-house blog run by our Leisure team! Our first blog has been written by one of our team members, Keith!

Creating a positive morning routine to own your day

Waking up for a lot of people is pretty difficult, snoozing their alarm for 5 or 10 minutes at a time and falling back into a comfortable sleep. But for what may seem nice and be inviting to do could it actually be a disastrous start to your day? Not only are you procrastinating living but hitting the snooze button repeatedly inflicts “cardiovascular assault” on the body and abuses your nervous system. After Reading “Why we sleep” by Matthew Walker, it really struck a nerve for me and the importance of getting a good night sleep for our bodies to run efficiently and so we stay true to our circadian rhythm What is that you ask? You should look it up its crucial for our existence.

The art of Listening to your body

Injury- the word we all dread to hear. They keep us away from what we love to do most, whether that is running, playing soccer, lifting weights or getting in those early morning laps in the pool. Many of us are afraid of injuries, we push through and block out that constant sting of pain through that shoulder, or that foot. We don’t want to admit to ourselves that we may have pushed our bodies that little bit too much, and now we are paying the consequences. Why didn’t I take a few days off? Why did I keep training?