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Hunt Museum Limerick

The Hunt Museum is a museum in the city of Limerick, Ireland.

Holding a personal collection donated by the Hunt family, it was originally situated in the University of Limerick, before being moved to its present location in 1997.

The Hunt Museum Limerick

At present, The Hunt Museum develops and provides many activities, such as Tours around the museum, Arts and Crafts Classes, Kids Activities, Camps and Lectures. Our Docents and volunteers will help you to create great family days or to learn more through our guided tours.
Many of the rooms in the museum provide great opportunities for different events, such as meetings, lectures, seminars, receptions and dining.

The Hunt Museum preserves and exhibits the original artefacts gathered, over a life time, by John and Gertrude Hunt and known as the Hunt Collection. The Museum also displays its own collections, as well as visiting exhibitions of Local, National and International significance with the overall aim of maximising their cultural and educational potential for the people of Limerick and Ireland.


Hunt Museum Gift Shop

The Hunt Museum Gift Shop offers you an interesting and delightful range of high quality gifts. This includes jewellery, books, greeting cards, silk scarves and ties, gemstones, ceramics, prints, and historical reproductions.

For further details or booking enquiries:
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Phone: 061 312 833