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Clay Shooting Limerick

Clay Shooting

Tuition including hands-on safety instructions. Complete range of sporting and down-the-line targets. Eddie Daly, Rosemount Shooting Club

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RoseMountShooting School was the very first in Limerick and is a family run school.

RoseMount is a practical shooting school designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced shooters wishing to increase their skill, confidence, knowledge and performance in clay shooting, archery and Crossbow shooting. Tuition has become extremely popular, and we take great pride in this service as an important part of our School.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is a thrilling experience, demanding concentration, a keen eye and quick reactions. Perfect your aim and timing your shots and soon you will be notching up your ‘kills’. Of course these are not real birds and no one gets hurt, making it a great sport for all young and old, men and women alike. Catering for novice to the more experienced.
Enjoy the challenge of the Ball Trap, High Tower, Bolting Rabbit, D T L, Springing teal, driven grouse and Two Man Flush.

Ball Trap: A complex form of trap shooting with targets traveling at a high speed, release the target with unknown direction up and down, left or right.
HighTower: It stands at 50FT tall. There are automatic traps that work from a remote control that launch the targets. Whether you love clays or game shooting, this will push you to your limits.This makes excellent practice for control and timing when shooting high pheasants back in the field.

Bolting Rabbit: using automatic trap the target skips and rolls along the ground making it quite a novelty amongst the shooters. And it is available to launch in pairs.
D T L: There are 5 stands from which this target can be shot from. The target is on a fixed setting with the target going away from you.
Springing teal: The clay pigeon target flys out of two automatic traps straight up into the sky, once it has peaked it to begins to fall back down.
Two Man Flush: Using a “Wobble” trap, the targets are launched and fly in all directions away from the trap house. Two shells are loaded in each shotgun and a rail holding 10 shotgun shells is set in front of each shooter to make reloading quicker. Targets (24 total) are launched at 1.5 second intervals. Shooter one takes the first two, shooter two the next two, and so on.


Archery is a sport for all ages and abilities and is great for families.

Persuade you merry men to try their hand at archery. Alone or in a group, archery is an engaging and entertaining way to pass an afternoon. Archery is undoubtedly one of mans most ancient target sports and Archery is once more undergoing a revival of interest throughout the world.

At RoseMount we see archery as a great workout both for your body and your mind, So why not find out if you have what it takes to become a crack marksman in one of Ireland’s fastest growing sports.

Crossbow Shooting

Looking for something that improves judgement, boosts confidence and bonds individuals through a unique shared experience? why not try your hand at shooting a crossbow.

Over the last couple of years the popularity of crossbow shooting has sky rocketed. A lot of people find it an easier weapon to shoot, so to counter this we tend to use much smaller targets, a steady hand and a good eye will always come in handy.

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