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Booking a DJ for your Wedding

So, the date is set, the perfect venue chosen and now it is time to begin the search for the entertainment. The evening’s entertainment takes up a huge portion of a wedding day. It is super important to ensure your guests never want to leave the dance floor. A professional, quality wedding DJ will ensure your night is the best it can be. It is often easy to overlook the role a DJ plays in the nights running order and it can be an attractive option to leave the music in the hands of a friend or family member. It is a huge gamble and the night’s success is now in the hands of an amateur. A professional wedding DJ will ensure that your night is a success.

Here are 5 top reasons to hire a professional wedding DJ and why it is worth stretching the budget
-Knowledge and Experience:
When you are booking a professional DJ you are not only booking someone who will play music but you are booking someone who judges the crowd and plays the right music at the right time. They will be able to advise you on timing guidelines and set up on the night.

-Equipment & Backup & Backup:

A professional DJ will have all the necessary equipment to play at your wedding. This will include the sound system to play the music through as well as an array of lighting to set the mood for the night. Often they will have a DJ booth to create a nice look to their setup. Then there’s the backup, in the unlikely event something stops working a professional DJ will have thought of that before the night even begins!

-Do it Right & Do it Once:

When you are booking a DJ you are not just booking someone to stand in the corner and push buttons. You are effectively hiring someone who will set the tone and mood for the evening party. They are setting your wedding up to be a great success and memorable for all the guests you have invited.

-Reliability & Hassle Free

A professional DJ will take the success of your wedding very seriously, after all, it is their job. Most pros will tell you that a huge portion of their diary gets filled from recommendations. They rely heavily on their reputation. Life happens and so too does transport issues, sickness, the list is endless. A professional DJ will always have a “Plan B” to ensure you are not let down.

-Finish as Good as it Starts

If you consider music to be the food of love then consider the DJ as the baker of the perfect cake. You have had a wonderful day, a beautiful ceremony, great pictures, a delicious meal and now you want to dance the night away. You want to ensure your guests never leave the dance floor. You want the end of the night to be as good as the start. The playlist for the night is what will make this happen. The pros will know when to play ‘Galway Girl’ or ‘Maniac 2000’. They will know just the right time to play the right music to keep the floor moving.

First 5 Questions to ask a Wedding DJ Before Booking:

Is my date available? (Always include the date & venue in the initial enquiry).
Do you know my venue / Have you worked there before?
Do I need to pay a deposit to secure the date?
Does the cost include everything? (No hidden charges for equipment or travel)
Do you hold dates on a provisional basis? (Some suppliers will hold a date for a few dates without a security deposit).

About the Author:
Paudie Walsh is a multi-award winning wedding DJ in Limerick. He has worked specifically in the wedding industry for over 7 years and now travels nationwide for functions. He has had 100’s of happy couples over the years. Paudie has been voted WeddingsOnline Wedding DJ of The Year 2 years in a row (2017 & 2018) as well as numerous Brides of Limerick awards. Paudie promises a dynamic and high energy performance that will give you a night to remember.

To find out more about Paudie visit his website – PaudieWalshMusic.ie / Email – Paudie@PaudieWalshMusic.ie / Phone – +353 (0)87-6173137.